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Individual Session: 85 USD
(Approx 45 minutes)
Online or in-person at Northern Light Yoga, Oslo.Payment accepted in NOK, USD and GBP.


BioI am a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist as well as trainer of yoga teachers and yoga therapists. My training includes kundalini yoga, restorative yoga, gong sound healing, and aromatherapy.Yoga has helped me immensely and I teach in order to share these benefits with others. Students have said that I teach with warmth, clarity and joy, holding a subtle and transformative space. I have experience teaching many different kinds of people and I take care to create a welcoming and inclusive space.

About 1-1 SessionsIn my practice, I support clients on their journey toward health and well-being with yoga therapy tools and Sat Nam Rasayan. The work can include addressing the energetics of physical issues and also the mental and emotional aspects of life challenges. Clients often seek help for life transitions, support during illness and difficult emotional times.Yoga Therapy
My practice as a yoga therapist is informed mainly by my background in Kundalini Yoga and also by Restorative Yoga. Yoga Therapy begins with intake questions to get a picture of where a client is and where they would like to go. During sessions, I guide clients through a series of practices that is customized for them. I also create a personalized therapeutic plan with recommendations for home practice.
Yoga therapy tools include asana (postures), kriya (yoga series), pranayama (breath exercises), relaxation, meditation, mudra (energetic gestures and seals), mantra (sacred sounds), mindfulness, imagery and visualization, affirmation/intention and yogic lifestyle & dietary advice (within the scope of practice of a yoga therapist).Sat Nam Rasayan
Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing modality associated with the Kundalini Yoga tradition. It works through the meditative silence of the practitioner. This allows space for issues and blocks in the client to release and dissolve.
Sessions begin with a discussion of what the client would like to address, which can include concerns on a physical, mental or emotional level. The client then rests in a comfortable position during the healing while the practitioner sits in meditative stillness. This takes about 20-40 minutes. SNR is not a touch-based modality, however the practitioner usually maintains a light contact on the client’s arm. At the end, I usually give an optional yogic practice recommendation based on the session.I offer Yoga Therapy and Sat Nam Rasayan both as separate modalities and can also include both in one session.


ClassesI find your classes incredibly healing - they always allow my body to come to a place of rest and recuperation. I often relax in shavasana for an extended time during your classes and then come back to awareness when in ready, feeling much rejuvenated. Thank you for holding such a healing, gentle space. -ChiaraI enjoyed all parts of the class, it's always exactly what I need without knowing it. The Mantra element is always a particularly enjoyable experience. -PaulKathy is an excellent teacher with a gentle disposition.
I love doing her class every week, she explains and demonstrates each position clearly and where possible provides alternative ways to do a position. She encourages you to listen to your body whilst also gently persuading you to push yourself to achieve the maximum benefit.
I love the music she plays, there’s a real thought process in terms of what she plays according to the posture we are doing which helps to both motivate me and put a smile on my face, especially when we get to dance.
I genuinely look forward to Friday’s knowing I’ve got Kathy’s class in the evening with the added benefit of seeing her adorable cats. -Cathy
Kathy Haridev has such a soothing, grounding presence. She picks the best kriyas and meditations that are specifically attuned to the energy of the day.
Every class is an energetic tune-up that will leave you feeling more deeply connected to your body, heart, and higher self.
Haridev is an outstanding teacher - directions are always clear and class content inspiring and enjoyable. Post C19 we are fortunate to be able to continue to connect online with teachers across the world, so many to choose from…. Haridev’s classes are one of the best 🙏🏼 - Shabd PremThis class was so incredible! I normally practise kundalini in Ibiza - I didn’t really think that it would be as easy to let go of boundaries in London just because of the chaotic energy - but it was incredible! It was actually my best kundalini experience yet! -Anon1-1 SessionsKathy’s sessions are subtle empowered practical and profound. Having a diverse array of sacred esoteric knowledge that she applies and embodies I am very grateful to receive and connect with her. -KatherineMy experiences with Kathy are both vast and extremely high in quality. She is an amazing presence to have around. I can recall many occasions when I was not able to move, and Kathy saved the day! I feel she has a natural ability to connect with people, and I can't recommend her enough! -AlexCoursesI loved the Elements course. The combination of Kundalini Yoga, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine wisdom and the facilitation of self enquiry through meditation and writing about nature was wonderful. I experienced each session as a mini retreat which was so helpful during the pandemic! And Kathy Haridev shared all this with a calm, warm and compassionate energy. -RuthI really enjoyed the teachings in the Self-Healing course! Kathy Haridev holds a gentle and joyful space to explore self-healing from a fresh perspective. The flow of each class was beautifully crafted and it felt very easy to find themes that resonate in us all. -KatariinaRetreatsThe weekend was amazing. I felt fully supported, nourished and rested. Loved the variety of walks, gong, meditation and kriyas. -TinaThe retreat was very well prepared and adjusted to both mine and other individual yoga levels. There was so much attention to detail as well as creative layout. I feel very uplifted and ready to make the next few right steps in life.-Anon


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Romjul Kundalini Yoga Wednesday, December 27
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Therapy Kundalini with Gong Bath
Saturday, December 30: 10am
In-person at BeYoga Oslo

Kathy Haridev Latham is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Yoga Therapist and Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner.She teaches with warmth, clarity and joy, holding a subtle and transformative space. She has experience teaching many different kinds of people, and it is important to her that the yoga space is welcoming and inclusive to all. Yoga has helped her immensely and she teaches in order to share these benefits with others. The only requirement for class is to show up with an open mind and a willingness to work at whatever level you are at.Haridev is originally from New York City, where she taught at Golden Bridge Yoga, and then became a founding teacher at JOY Yoga in London. She trained as a yoga therapist and healer with Guru Dharam and Guru Dev Singh, master of the healing art Sat Nam Rasayan. There are many other teachers along the way who she is grateful for. An IAYT-certified Yoga Therapist, Haridev is faculty and program administrator of
I-SKY’s Yoga Therapy Training.
Other qualifications include Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga, YOGA for Youth, Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga and Clinical Aromatherapy. She is also proficient in the playing the gong as sound therapy.